About the studio and my philosophy of teaching

What you will see when you walk in my door is…a small waiting area with couches, magazines and puzzles, the 6’3″ Estonia and a computer workstation for my composition projects and songwriting students. Teaching is my gift and my passion and I feel a high degree of responsibility to my parents who choose me to influence their children in the area of piano study. To that end, I expect students to work hard, to think, to participate with me in the teaching/learning process. I’m not really a fan of “I don’t know” answers. Engage. Listen. Agree and disagree and let’s work together to make music fun and interesting. For me personally, I always want to be better at my craft, at my own playing and practicing, and I expect to foster that desire in a student.

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Music Study From A to Z.

It’s an education for life!

A ccomplishment
B road Horizons
C ultural Awareness
D iscovery
E ducation
F riendships
G oals
H igh Standards
I magination
J oy
K nowledge
L iteracy
M anual Dexterity
N ew Interests
O pportunities
P roblem Solving
Q uickness of Mind
R igor
S kills
T enacity
U nderstanding
V alues
W orking with Others
e X presiveness
Y ears of Pleasure
Z ip, Zest, & Zeal